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Samba dancer
Samba dancer
Samba dancers
Samba dancers

at Grande Rio Samba School


Region: Mangueira, Centro, Vila Isabel, Madureira in Rio de Janeiro



Rio has dozens of samba schools each of them with its unique carachteristics. We pick a selection of the most popular and traditional ones. Rehearsals, barbecues, "rodas de samba" and "feijoadas" take place at these schools warehouses. The samba schools' gathering events intensify their activities after August when the rehearsals start preparing for Mardigras in February.



✔ Learn more about the Brazilian people and its culture

✔ Our guides may lead you through some samba steps

✔ Visit the neighborhood of each school to learn more about its       community and vicinities

✔ What is unique in this route? to experiment the musical tradition     that represents the whole nation internationally



The school is chosen based on its day programming. Rehearsals happen in the afternoon or evening depending on the day of the week.

Yes this is our recommendation for wet and extremely hot days!

City Tour Rainy Day Rio

Duration: 5h


More Information:

What is included? Professional Guide


Samba Schools: GRES Acadêmicos do Salgueiro, GRES Unidos de Vila Isabel, GRES São Clemente, GRES Portela, GRES Estação Primeira de Mangueira;


Languages: Spanish, Italian, German, English, French & Portuguese