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Price for each extra guest R$400, fee

Região em que se desenvolve: Paraty state of Rio de Janeiro

Paraty in TWO DAYS

A recommended package for two days in the historic city of Paraty. This package is intended for visitors who spend a few days in the city and want to know the main tourist attractions.

✔ Learn more about the Brazilian people and our rich culture by visiting the historical center of Paraty;

✔ We will hike through a historical trail in the Atlantic Forest the “Caminho do Ouro” or "Gold Path";

✔ We will visit a distillery to taste the best cachaças (Brazilian hard liquor produced from sugar cane juice) of the world; The famous liquor used to fancy a "caipirinha";

✔ What is unique about this route?

The lifestyle and relationship of the local people with nature.

The two-day tour offers a breathtaking experience of landscapes and knowledge of the lifestyle of resident caiçaras (people who are from fishermen villages) and quilombolas (afro Brasilian descendants whose settlements were founded with a resistance base after slave abolishment) founders of local culture.On the first day the highlight is the "Gold Path" trail and the tour of the historic center. The path of gold is a walk of approximately 1: 30h where the visitor will have the opportunity to know about the local history that holds treasures of a time when the city had important wharfs to receive enslaved Africans and where the gold flowed from Minas Gerais to Europe.

After the hike we will visit the Engenho Douro still and we will bathe in the Tarzan Waterfall, concluding the morning shift with a delicious lunch in the city of Paraty.

In the afternoon the historical perspective gains an urban scenario of colonial architecture of the XVIII century. The historical tour is a trip in time to develop a better understanding of the scenario.

The second day is an opportunity to hike to the caiçara community of Ponta negra and show the reality of these communities their issues and way of life. A tour that lasts almost all day. We will pass through the communities of Praia do Sono and Praia dos Antigos with a stop for bathing and lunch in the community of Ponta Negra, concluding with a boat ride.

Tips & Warnings: Wear light clothing and bathing suits (we strongly recommend the Brazilian style bikinis of Bromelia), comfortable shoes, sunscreen and repellent. Bring extra money for additional expenses such as water or something to eat.