Do you like to appreciate local coffee? This is for you! A tour for people watchers and sippers. Enjoy your free time the Carioca way, with good coffee and conversation. Get to know a little bit about this popular drink, it’s history, ways to drink and prepare it. What makes a good coffee? What is an especially selected coffee? Try coffee from two different states. Taste delicious pastries. Visit XIX century Confeitaria Colombo and find out about the trendy new coffees that are growing in the heart of the city while you learn about the Coffee trajectory in Brasil. Take your time and have one or two.

✔ Learn how to drink and appreciate the best coffees;
✔ Interact with locals, meet specialists;
✔ What is unique about this route? to taste traditional drinks and appetizers made out of coffee;
✔ Take a walk in historic and artistic districts;

P.S.: The coffee experience is also developed in the interior of Rio de Janeiro, visiting plantaion farms, telling their story and it connection with the slavery trade.


PriceFrom R$110.00
  • Region: Downtown, Rio de Janeiro

    Walk around historic neighborhood in Downtown area and stop at two different traditional cafes to learn more about the popular drink and the people who are inspired by it.

    Duration: 3h

    What is included? Professional Guide + coffeee and pastry tasting
    Promotional prices and treats for groups

    History and Business from XVIII century up to now
    The Cafes' times are back!
    Beans'selection and production
    The barist and brewing methods
    A torra “the roasting types”

    For advanced level experiences talk to us and we can tailor a workshop for your group.