Come with us to Rio's art district. Santa Teresa is an amazing place to find diverse culture especially for art lovers.

✔ Charming architecture from XIX century
✔ What is unique about this route? Street Art & mural paintings


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  • It is a neighborhood where there is a nice blend of alternative international culture with European, African and Latin American immigrants in a constantly exchange with Brazilians. That diversity creates an unique lively cultural setting that only Santa Teresa has to offer in the way it offers to visitors.

    From the “Parque das Ruínas” (Ruins Park) there is a marvelous view point of Downtown Rio. The visitor has the chance to learn about the history the city through its art and appreciate historic buildings and graffiti throughout the tour. In this tour, we will walk around the streets with plenty of art studios, bars and restaurants. The Charming architecture from XIX century, stunning views of the city and unique Street Art & graffitti in the morro das prazeres make this tour picture perfect.

    Optional Full Day Tour:
    You may also opt for an alternative day tour that includes a visit to Favela do Escondidinho or Morro dos Prazeres. Morro dos Prazeres is located near Corcovado, in case you wat to extend your visit to the Christ Redeemer. Morro dos Prazeres is a small community that keeps one of the largest paths of graffity art called "Caminho do Grafiti" that will drive you through an open air art gallery at aisles, streets and with the intricated houses at this lively and colorful neighborhood. Please contact us for fees.

    Duration: 3-4h

    More Information:
    What is included? Professional guide
    Pick up and drop off at the hotel

    Especial prices for groups or tour packages

    Languages: Spanish, Italian, German, English, French & Portuguese