We work with experienced guides who take you to different hikes at the Tijuca Forest National Park from the most visited Pedra Bonita Mountain and Morro da Urca to the inner walks in the forest reaching waterfalls, peaks and long hikes with idfferent viewpoints and look out from the city.

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Hikes at the Tijuca National Forest

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  • In the core of the Marvelous city is the “Floresta da Tijuca” (Tijuca’s Forest), one of the largest urban forests in world. With approximately 3,953 Hectares, the Tijuca National Park is an important conservation unit of the Atlantic Rainforest, covered by vegetation in an advanced stage of regeneration. It is a huge area with many recreational trails and places of unique beauty.

    Throughout its length it is possible to observe many trees’ species, some of them rare and endangered, and various types of animals such as birds, monkeys, snakes and anteaters.The many walking trails scattered throughout the forest are very popular for leisure and sports. This mixed with several waterfalls, caves, and viewpoints, makes up for one of the most visited attractions in the city. The waterfalls are invigorating spaces with spiritual meaning, accessible through the trails, while others are easily reached by car. It’s highly recommended to try and bath into the waters to relief stress and charge your energy with good vibes, making up for your trip and soul. One of the recommended walks takes you to the “Waterfall of Souls or “Cachoeira das Almas, highly recommended specially on week days when it’s not crowded.There are many attractions for all types of visitors, from the calmest places in the Forest Sector, for a view check at the Chinese Viewpoint, or hard core walks for those who like climbing or greater challenges. The Tijuca Forest is critical for anyone fond of nature visiting the city of Rio de Janeiro and it can suit any level of preparation or expectation, if you come with your family and want to go pick nicking after a soft walk, or if you have any physical limitation and still want to take the most out of nature or if you are fit and want to explore, here you will find your place.

    One in a lifetime rainforest experience offering the most interesting hikes from Rio!

    Trails have easy accessess and amazing views from the Wonderful City! Come with us and experience our favorits, with views to the most popular beaches in town: São Conrado Beach, Leblon, Ipanema and Copacabana, besides the Christ Redeemer, The Sugar loaf Mountain (Pão de Açucar), and Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas.