Come for a fun and educational tour in a Carioca favela. Learn through locals' perspective about the culture and reality of their everyday life be either in Rocinha, Pereira (Morrinho Project) or Providência.

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Favela BY Favela

PriceFrom R$120.00
  • Come and find out through local's perspectives, how is life inside the largest "favela" in Brasil. Stroll through Rocinha's alleys and streets and learn a little bit of our history and culture.

    Understand favelas' origin at Morro da Providência in the Port Area and why they were first formed and still exist. You will be amazed by the stunning community arts projects in these "morros" with a special highlight to Morrinho Project.

    Enjoy the magnificent views of Rio seen from different angles to the Christ, the Redeemer, the Sugar Loaf, Copacabana, Ipanema, São Conrado beaches, and much more! Let the "favela" show you the "favela"!

    Come and enjoy an authentic experience today!
    In the largest favela of the Brasil, in the first favela of Rio or in the lively community of Vidigal. Resident guides will show you their way of life and the way their communities fight to empower one another and to overcome struggles. They will bring up their art, show you cultural centers, history as well as their natural beauties to enchant you with the passion they have to improve their communities’ lives through resilient actions.