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MAR Art Museum of Rio - Meeting point

Largo São Francisco da Prainha
Pedra do Sal
Trapiche Gamboa
Tomorrow Museum
Street Art 
Visit to two archaeological sites (IPN and Valongo Warf)

Special Coffee Shop (Mondays)




There is a “Little Africa” in Rio that is still Unknown by most people. Embark on your discovery on a historic walk through the sites of memory of the African Heritage Circuit, visiting sensitive sites of memory such as the Valongo Warf where millions of Africans who arrived on the 1800s. Stop at the archeological sites of Pedra do Sal, one of the samba cradles, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site for the Transatlantic Slavery Trade in Rio’s port area and visit the slave cemetery and the Institute of New Blacks.


PriceFrom R$120.00
  • duration: 3h
    Region: Downtown Rio de Janeiro, Port Area

    There is no doubt that Rio de Janeiro stands out for its natural beauty. But Rio also draw attention by the history it bears. Come visit the heart of Brazilian African Heritage.

    ✔ Learn about Brazilian African Diaspora
    ✔ Visit archeological sites
    ✔ What is unique about this route? The Afro Brazilian heritage

    transfer included under request
    Samba Street party (Night Tour Mon and Fri, strongly recommended)
    Languages: Spanish, Italian, German, English, & Portuguese

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