Enjoy your moments at the lush scenery of the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro. The Botanical Garden is surrounded by the world's largest urban forests and offers various thematic gardens. Rio has amazing city parks and gardens. Come with us and check them out!
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Botanical Gardens

PriceFrom R$110.00
  • We will take you to the Botanical Garden & Parque Laje. Learn about Brazilian culture through its botanical gardens. Here you will learn about our flora whilelistening to Brazilian folk tales originated around the green spirits of flowers and trees. It is a relaxing experience around thematic gardens with a focus to the national flora.

     This is a walking tour but also accesssible for visitors with special needs.

    Check also our tour to the garden and home of famous landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx. The Botanical Garden known as Sitio Burle Marx, was the architect's former home and landscape architecture school where he led many discoveries and created his art works. 

    Burle Marx donated his home to the government and today it is open to the public to visit its gardens and art galleries.