Hi! We are a network of tour guides committed to ensure you take the most out of your experience in Brasil.

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Welcome! I'm Kelly Tavares, the founder of Rio Encantos Tours. I'm a native Carioca (the name given to people who were born in Rio de Janeiro) and I connect tour guides, organisations and people to share their passions while they travel. Our network of independent tour guides is passionate about our culture. We love samba and forró music, history, nature, love and peace, parties and art! We are advocates of our African and indigenous legacies and through our way of living we acknowledge a history that is still under-represented.

To expand the range of activities and to work in a collaborative manner we have being creating partnerships with tour guides and organisations across the Atlantic, with special attention to initiatives around African heritage tours. 

We offer experiences throughout Brazil and we're connecting with other like-minded tour guides to grow our network.

Our goal is to provide a menu of activities with a window of flexibility. Depending on the routes you choose and on the particular group formed we can make choices together to design the routes' themes. This makes our tours unique; each tour is shaped by the group's personal interests. In a city as diverse and exciting as Rio, there is something for everyone to love and we will find it together!

Aside you can see a picture of a few of us since it is difficult to picture everyone at one presentation as well as to display all the activities that we are able to offer countrywide.

Our unification is a work-in-progress for a life endure as our research, work for freedom and building bridges to acknowledge our roots.



Our Little Africa Tour has a  ACCESS YOUR AUDIOGUIDE ON VOICEMAP APP. Please support the recording of other experiences for the route of your choice. I can tell stories using audio or video recordings for each tour. Please contribute with comments, money or volunteer to support the work we do. Any DONATIONS are very welcome. They can also become vouchers for your future trips to Brazil.


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